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Help Incient Roots Expand in Haiti


Fundraising Goal: $7,777



Afiya aka Sistah Dee

I am a mother, grandmother, healer, agriculturalist, and naturalist who is still a student in the world of life! I am a spirit-led world traveler currently residing in Haiti.

I had been building my brand Incient Roots for some time, creating natural products for my community and hosting retreats around the world before I decided to relocate out of the US in 2018.

In early 2023 after almost 5 years of living in the Dominican Republic, I decided to move to Haiti with my love whom I met in DR and is a Haitian native who had family land we were interested in expanding on. My time in DR really helped me to learn about living from the land however the culture no longer resonated with me after experiencing some racism and even robberies in my home there. We left DR with high hopes but were met with several challenges, I planned to rent a house only to find it in poor conditions not suitable for living, and so we had to turn it down. My love and I ended up living in a family member's home in one room for 3 months! During that time I decided to use the money I had saved for renting to purchase the property his family had for sale. We built one room and have been living in it completely off the grid since February 2023 while we continue to build our future home and retreat space. Now I am finally incorporating the brand Incient Roots and my offerings with the land I am stewarding here in Haiti!

This is a place where I can host my healing retreats so that folks from the diaspora can come visit and reclaim some of the history that was taken from us! Through living in tune with the land we can reconnect with our ancestral knowledge and skills. My vision is to continue to provide sovereign products and services from our Incient roots!



I am currently building a two-story home on the property along with another small housing structure with outdoor showers and eco-furniture for guests. I have completed the foundation of the house which I have been told is the hardest part!


Now we are seeking support to complete the first floor, second floor, and roof as well as to purchase an industrial generator so that retreat guests and community members that come into the space will have a charging station. This generator will also allow us to pump water through the property! I have already purchased and installed a water system all it needs is the power from the generator to carry it through the house so that we do not have to walk far to get water anymore.


The goal is to create a sustainable and comfortable space for the local community, for my retreats, and to create my natural products. Overall the vision is to strengthen IncientRoots and through this container bring strength and support to the locals as well as the entended community of the diaspora.

How you can help!

We are seeking to raise $7,777 to acquire;

Several truckloads of gravel and rocks

50+ Bags of Cement

Labor (Workers)

Iron Rods for the Floors 

Big Cement Blocks 

1 Thousand Gallon Water Container 

Industrial Generator

To Donate:


Cashapp: $IncientRoots

Zelle: Daniell Combs


How it's going...

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